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Technical Specification
(Short, informative)

version 2.0

for the feasibility study of the construction of an UTH test ship

General data (preliminary, approximate data):
Length (LOA):                                   12,5 m (13,2m)
Water-line (LWA):                             11,5 m (12,2m)
Width (Beam):                                   6,6 m
Draught of the body (Draught):            1,4 m
Deplacement:                                     9,6 t
Planned speed:                                   25-45 km/h

The followings are controlled in details:

Bodies:    Longitudinal trim
Connection and bracing of the three bodies
Conditions t be ensured for the case of average
Bow jet rudder
Gill brake
Torsion-spring lifting wings
Upward and downward moving of centreboards
Foaming devices
Other equipments
“Auxiliary” rigging

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